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Please Complete Questionnaire.

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*Name two projects you're actively designing and may require assistance with the façades:
Name two projects you're actively Building
(under construction) and have not contracted the windows or façades just yet:
Are you interested in free-of-cost value engineering analysis for any project/design?
If so, please name the project below.
For commercial glass façades:
Do you prefer more glass and less aluminum or do you embrace the aluminum frames as part of your design?
If you could design the world's most luxurious aluminum framing members for a glass façade:
1. What other materials would you like the framing members of your façade to be?
Material Options
2. What other forms or shapes would you like the section profile of the framing members of your façade to be?
Forms or Shapes Options
3. What other framing material combinations would you like your façade to have?
Framing Material Combinations Options
4. Any other suggestions are welcomed:
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